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The Airplane as Your Office: 6Tips to Get Work Done on a Plane


The Airplane as Your Office

Business travel often involves long hours on a trip to the city where your work will be done. For most entrepreneurs, this is wasted productivity time that can be torture if you can't get the work done in flight. How many times have you said to yourself or to a co-worker: "That's all right, I'm just going to work on it on the plane." This is a noble intention but the conditions inside the cabin of the aircraft, especially in the trainer, can make it difficult to fulfill this obligation.

Like anything else, if you're going to make up for the time while you're in the air, you should be prepared with an agenda that you can accomplish in this setting and with your expectations well before check-in. Let's face it, the cabin of the domestic aircraft is not designed for business productivity. You may have countless distractions from crying babies to a talkative neighbor. The airline staff has an agenda of items to interrupt your time, then there are the turbulence and tight seats that dictate that everything you do should be done in a very small place of available space.

Expecting to have a seat next to you to post your work or that this would be the perfect peace and quiet journey is to prepare yourself for frustration and disappointment. So to be prepared to achieve a certain level of productivity on board, be aware of these limitations and design your business so that you can use this time within these limitations, not in spite of them.

It is essential to use it to achieve a certain level of concentration during flight a good set of earplugs or earpiece and iPod. You can use this device to deliver music to your mind which can be conducive to concentration and thinking. Now the earbuds are enough to prevent the kind of distractions that you will encounter on an aircraft that must be very sophisticated. So don't cut the corners on this purchase. It will pay you again and again while using it to prevent surface noise in the cabin of the aircraft.

The best way to get off that plane with a sense of accomplishment is to set your goals before boarding and make them goals you can achieve. You can not expect to be able to open the laptop and work peacefully in the trainer. It is quite possible that you will be able to do this but you may find a disorder, an active population around you or other factors that may make it very difficult to do this work. So make sure of it, prepare a project to work on with your laptop but do not be disappointed if it turns out that it is very difficult to try. Above all, avoid having a deadline that you have to reach by using time during your trip to make up for lost time on your deadlines. This will only make the trip frustrating and lead to an angry and exhausted business traveler.

The best form of work you can assign yourself is analysis or reading. If you have a document or some documents to review, the boundaries of the aircraft seat accommodate this work just fine. Reading works is easily the best form of work to do while flying. Using these phones to obscure the world, you can lie down with a book, business magazine, or report and take the time to study it or read long blocks of those materials during a long journey. On a two- to three-hour trip, you can read entire chapters of a business book and get off the trip with a huge amount of food to reflect on your business meetings at your destination.

It is possible to recover time in the air by accomplishing some powerful work. But the key to succeeding in achieving this goal is to be realistic about what can be done in the airplane seat and to tailor your expectations and goals accordingly. If you do, you'll be happy with how you use the time and the journey will pass more quickly as well.