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5 Tips for Moving Through Airport Security Quickly and Efficiently


Moving Through Airport Security Quickly

Since internal security became such an issue, moving through airport security has become more difficult. As a seasoned business traveler, this part of your business journey requires some clever setup and system knowledge so you can sail through airport security as quickly as possible. But being able to navigate airport security quickly is not something easy or without some great planning and training.

The biggest problem with getting security is not you, but other people who didn't come ready for the process. If you run into trouble behind someone who stumbles completely on what is expected of them, it may take forever to get into the system. So the first priority is to hit airport security when crowds are low. The easiest way to achieve this is to take the first flight of the day from this airline. This will be the time when the number of people at the airport will be lower than at any time of the day.

Usually only business travelers are present at the airport at six in the morning, so they will be the ones who already know how to deal with security and the lines will move more quickly. Like them, you've already learned the latest rules about what will go through security and what will stop you. You will need your driver's license and boarding pass several times as you move through the process. So make that early and ready to show it a lot. Don't put this information away until you're on the other side of security and ready to go to the gate. This single step alone quickly takes you through the various airport security checkpoints.

Airport security usually uses a queue system to handle crowds. This means that usually there is one long line that moves to the gates and then this line is divided into several gates where different teams work on travelers through survey stations. As you stand in line to go through the gates, keep an eye on the different stations. Some stations will stop more people or their equipment is so sensitive that it moves slower. You may notice that a new team has arrived and is preparing to open a new station. With a little maneuver in the line, you can reach that new station as you open it and move quickly before the lines accumulate there.

This is also a place to do a bit of profiling. Although it's not acceptable for the police to feature a profile, you can take a look at the people in front of you and identify those who will either be detained for scanning or will be a big problem when they're ready to put their stuff on the belts. Certain ethnic groups may be examined more often. It's sad but true. We all want racial equality but if you can avoid being behind that person, you may pass through security faster. Also, avoid "amateur travelers" who have a lot of children, the elderly, people in wheelchairs, or anyone who seems confused by the process. You can be a hero and help someone if you have plenty of time. But with the lines split to go to different stations, you can simply avoid being behind the people who will slow down the process and go to the fast lines to get to them more efficiently.

You can reduce the amount scanned before arriving at the airport. Wear slip shoes that you can get off quickly and get back to quickly. Boots and tie shoes only slow you down. Keep the amount of "things" you carry through security to a minimum. Put your wallet, keys, and other pocket items in your bag or purse before you get into the queue. This way, you can access shoes and this item to navigate through security and you can move more quickly.

These tricks of commerce can make the beginning of your business journey much less of a problem and get you to the gate more quickly. Security personnel will appreciate that you know what you're doing, reduce your stress, and move on to your business goals with less anxiety and more focus on your goals.